About our laboratory

Intelligent Information processing laboratory at Hosei University was established in 2010. We are investigating several inquisitive and unique topics especially based on machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Currently, we have one PhD, 13 master students and 23 undergraduate students (12 senior, 11 junior). 

Our vision and policy

・We trust and respect for individuals.
・We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
・We open the door.

Research topics

Each member has an independent research theme selected according to their interest and laboratory expertise. In present, our research topic can be categorized as followings:

(1) Intelligent information processing & Data analysis group

・Development of new machine learning scheme
・Natural language processing
・Domain adaptation
・Security (Windows/Android malware detection)

(2) Image and movie analysis group

・Automated plant disease diagnosis
・Environmental techniques (Development of high-efficiency batteries, efficiency improvement of waste incinerators)

(3) Medical engineering and healthcare group

・Automated cancer diagnosis (skin cancer, gastric cancer)
・Content-based image retrieval on MR images (and related techniques)
・Quantification of disease (mainly in dermatology)